Karl Adlbauer, Robert Beck

Katalog und Fotoatlas der Bockkäfer Äthiopiens

Taita Publishers, 2015

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 All species and subspecies of Cerambycidae that are known up to now from Ethiopia are specified with their accepted names and synonyms. For the most taxa males as well as females are presented, those with strong variability some other forms too.

13 synonyms are going to get new established, see above, many others have to get checked again.
It has become apparent that according to the present state of knowledge 130 endemits (spp. and sspp.) live or have lived - especially in Ethiopia the damage of nature is alarming.
561 Cerambycid-taxa in 870 photos are presented, inclusive eight us unknown taxa, which are all available only as individuals.
Text in german
42 photos of typical Ethiopian landscape
Luxury heavy paper - 312 pages
Format 220x280 mm
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Hard cover